Changuu Private Island – Zanzibar

It has been described as a Small Paradise on Earth, with its private white beach surrounded by pristine waters. The islet lies 3 ½ miles to the northwest of stone town, in the west coast of Zanzibar, and it is oblong in shape about ½ mile and 250 yards broad at the broadest part. Changuu is reachable in a comfortable 20’ boat drive by a traditional Dhow (fishing boat); from the moment of arrival, through the superb jetty, this unique island’ resort in the heart of the Indian Ocean is a unique experience in life.

Changuu has 15 exclusive deluxe rooms in the north-west side of the island, distributed along the sea-line and roofed with traditional makuti, thus achieving cool atmosphere day and night. The en suite bathroom is provided with a huge bath-tub and shower.