Covid-19 Policy

Our goal is to provide a positive experience for all guests that both protects their health and delivers an authentic enjoyable Tanzanian experience. Courtesy and respect have always been an unspoken code of travelers and this applies now more than ever. We have modified our procedures to comply with the Tanzania Government, CDC and WHO recommendations in an effort to try and minimize the risk of COVID 19 and other viruses for you as our guests and also our valued employees.

We request all guests to comply with a code of conduct which includes; being aware of general hygiene and washing and sanitizing hands frequently, social distancing, to wear a face mask when required, and following the request of guides for a change in behavior relating to health and safety. Refusal to comply with the code of conduct may result in being asked to be removed from the trip at own expense.

Aardvark Expeditions Standard Operating Procedures for Mountain Climbing

  1. All mountain climbing equipment is disinfected and stored in a sanitized area before loading onto disinfected vehicles and transported to the gate;
  2. All food packing facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected with an approved disinfectant to avoid virus contamination;
  3. All fresh food is cleaned, packed and stored under hygienic conditions;
  4. Only chefs will handle food on the mountain under strict conditions and no other staff will enter the kitchen at any time;
  5. Dining can be arranged in private in your tent or in the dining tent where distancing may be limited;
  6. All crew handling mountain climbing equipment have been trained to exercise virus preventive and control measures and follow SOP guidelines;
  7. All mountain crew will maintain a 1 to 2 meter physical distance with guests whom they interact with, unless under circumstances where guests need assistance. Permission will be asked first;
  8. Correct hand washing will be done by porters at a separate handwashing station before setting up tents and breaking down camp;
  9. Guests will use the same tent and closed cell mattress throughout their trek which will be carried by the same porter every day;
  10. All tents will be sanitized after camp is set up each day before guests arrive;
  11. Mountain crew will ensure mess tents, furniture, washing stands and toilets are cleaned regularly with approved disinfectant solutions;
  12. For handwashing before each meal, single use cotton napkins will be offered for drying hands. Alternatively, hand sanitizer will be offered.
  13. All mountain crew are screened for temperature and where it exceeds normal body temperature (37.5°C/ 99°F) will not be allowed to enter the park, or will be replaced on the mountain where necessary and will be sent for medical testing.

Emergency Procedures

Guests are requested to have travel insurance inclusive of coverage for medical evacuation.

If guests present with symptoms of a virus, they will be required to seek medical attention with a government approved medical provider at their own cost.

Our guests’ comfort and safety are paramount at this time and any additional safety measures will be taken on board if requested, just remember we are ready to make your dream a reality whether on Safari in our amazing parks or on Mount Kilimanjaro.