Health and Vaccinations

Bring crucial gear and supplies to ensure safety and comfort during your Kilimanjaro climb. Use our comprehensive Kilimanjaro Packing list for preparation. Trek through five different climate zones, from warm and humid forests to freezing summit zones with ice and snow. Be ready for all weather conditions including sun, wind, and rain. Tents, camp equipment, food, cooking facilities, and shared items are provided, while your duffel bag of gear will be carried by porters. Carry a daypack with you during trekking.

When preparing for your Kilimanjaro climb, proper clothing is crucial. To help, we suggest packing:

  • Top Base Layer
  • Bottom Base Layer
  • 4-5 Pairs of Underwear
  • 3-4 Short Sleeve Shirts
  • 1 Pair of Insulated Trekking Pants
  • 1-2 Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts
  • 1-2 Pairs of Hiking Trousers
  • 1 Insulated Winter Jacket
  • 1 Polartec Fleece Jacket
  • 1 Hard Shell Jacket