Rongai Route

The Rongai route is a unique and serene path that leads to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro from the north-eastern side of the mountain. This trail, located along the border between Tanzania and Kenya, is considered one of the most remote and wild trails on the mountain, offering an unspoiled wilderness experience for trekkers.

As the only route that ascends from the north, Rongai offers a peaceful and tranquil journey, with limited interaction with other climbers. In fact, trekkers often have the trail to themselves for hours or even days before reaching the Kibo Camp where the trail merges with the Marangu Route for the final ascent.

Rongai’s gradual climb allows trekkers to acclimatize at a steady pace, making it one of the easier routes and increasing the success rate for reaching the summit. The route is relatively obstacle-free with a shorter final day before the summit, giving trekkers time to rest and prepare.

This route is also the driest of all the trails on Kilimanjaro, making it a great option for treks all year round, especially during the rainy season. The north-eastern location also offers the potential to spot wildlife such as Colobus Monkeys early on in the climb. The campsites are well spaced out along the route, ensuring an equal distribution of trail time each day and providing trekkers with different perspectives of the mountain as they climb from the north and descend from the south.

While Rongai may not be as scenic as some of the other trails, it still offers plenty to see and enjoy, with the added bonus of fewer people on the trail. Climbing Kilimanjaro offers the Rongai route in either a 7 day or 6/7 day private climb, with the 6 day option skipping an acclimatization day on the fourth day.