Summit Night

As you embark on the ascent to Barafu Hut, it’s crucial to get mentally and physically prepared for the challenge ahead. After arriving at camp, you’ll be welcomed by our team who will provide a warm lunch to help fuel you for the climb.

During this time, our guides will also conduct a comprehensive briefing to inform you about the important aspects of the summit night on Kilimanjaro. This is a great opportunity to relax and absorb the inspiring atmosphere of the camp, as well as reflect on the progress you’ve made so far on your journey.

The journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro requires preparation and rest. To ensure success on summit night, it’s important to eat a nutritious dinner early and get plenty of sleep before the 11:30pm wake-up call. To fuel your body and mind, hydration and adequate rest are essential.

At 11:30pm, you’ll be served a hot tea and biscuits to kickstart your summit trek, which begins at midnight. The initial ascent, spanning six hours, is a challenging and dark journey, but the rewards are worth it. Your headlamp and guides will lead the way through the steep paths and scree of Ratzel and Rebmann Glaciers until you reach Stella Point.

As the sun rises, you’ll be treated to an emotional and breathtaking view. After capturing memories at the sign, you’ll continue on the final stretch of the Marangu Route for one to two more hours to reach the ultimate goal – Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa at 5,985 meters.